Blake Matson vs. Al Kiernan

Total Running Time: 19:12
File Size: SD 231.9MB/ HD 1.08GB

Blake Matson                    6’6”              209 lbs              25yo
Al Kiernan                          6’                184 lbs              20yo

At 6’6”, over 200 pounds and a great wrestling background, Blake (pink speedos) gets lots of challenges from other Movimus Wrestlers. Al (navy blue speedos) is no exception. Al loves wrestling and likes to win. He figured that Blake would be a good challenge – one he could handle. Blake is no wimp – not even close. He’s a real brawler and loves wrestling younger muscle boys. So he was more than ready and willing to wrestle Al.

Blake uses his height and power right from the outset, takes Al down and gets a quick submission. Al can’t believe how strong Blake is. Al regroups and gets his act together. He fights much harder and a lot more cautiously. At one point, he gets Blake in a tight arm lock. Even with his 6’6” frame, Blake can’t escape and is forced to tap out. Al is a big guy – very muscular. When he gets a good hold on, it’s almost impossible to escape. Al gave Blake a great workout/match, but Blake was ready.

Blake definitely proves his superiority in this match. He decisively defeats Al and Blake is very pleased with himself. He totally loved destroying the younger muscle boy. “Bring them all on” the said to us after the match.


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