Jared Stone vs. Denny Webb

Total Running Time: 22:23
File Size: SD 274.1MB/ HD 1.29GB

Jared Stone 5’7” 192 25yo
Denny Webb 6’ 166 23yo

Denny (green speedos) returns to NHB to challenge Jared (pink speedos). Denny is challenged by the weight difference and just loves to wrestle a bigger guy. Both these guys are trained wrestlers they totally love the sport – that is quite obvious in this match. They both talk trash at each other but that doesn’t hamper the wrestling at all. Really great holds, head locks, armlocks, head and body scissors, full nelsons, ankle locks, etc., from both wrestlers. This is a super match.

Denny is at his best. He is convinced he can beat the big guy but there is no way Jared is going to let that happen. Jared comes on strong and takes control only to be reversed and put in some really tough moves. Denny knows all the most intricate moves and holds and uses all his skill to keep Jared under control, but Jared is no slouch. At 5’7” and over 190 pounds, he is a really tough guy to wrestle. He has lots of power and knows how to use it. Eventually, he gets Denny in a long held head scissors, real long, and just pours on the pressure. Denny is in real trouble.

But the head scissors is also Denny’s favorite hold and he sure knows how to apply it effectively. Eventually, Jared is caught and can’t escape. Denny is very proud of himself. The last match is an all out brawl for the winner – and there is definitely a winner.

These two wrestlers are great friends and it shows all over this match. It’s great to see two good wrestlers that have a lot of respect for each other go at it, full force, till there is just one winner. 

Wrestlers: Denny Webb, Jared Stone

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