Marco Talus vs. Aaron Moss

Total Running Time: 26:14
File Size: SD 317.5MB/ HD 1.51GB

Marco Talus             6’1”             191 lbs                24yo
Aaron Moss             6’4”             209 lbs                22yo

Aaron (red speedos) is a big, tough bodybuilder. His arms are huge and his back is a perfect V – extremely defined. Marco (blue speedos) is probably the strongest guy at Movimus Wrestling. This match took about two weeks to get set up. Both NYC boys, both young, tough guys, and both looking for a real, aggressive challenge. Here it is.

Aaron is just a big guy. Marco is just strong. Neither have a lot of wrestling experience. Both know basic moves and holds. Both want to learn a lot more. These guys just rely on sheer power and strength. Aaron is bigger, stronger and a lot more powerful, but Marco can certainly handle himself and he’s not intimidated by anyone. Marco brings Aaron to his back and makes him wrestle from the mat. Aaron throws Marco off, but Marco is quick as well as strong, and he powers his way back on top and keeps Aaron on the mat. Aaron has wicked strong legs. When he gets Marco in a full body scissors, Marco is squirming and struggling to get free.

Marco has been working on using his legs. He loves the head scissors and when he gets it applied the right way, his long, lanky legs have some awesome power. Aaron tries to push and power out of the head scissors, but Marco is determined to beat this big guy, beat him many times. Well, he’s got his work cut out for him. Aaron not only wants to win, but he wants to impress Movimus and keep wrestling the big guy.

Here are two guys that love to wrestle and will take on anyone, any challenge, anytime!

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