Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Chuck Rowen

Total Running Time: 23:31
File Size: SD 281.4MB/ HD 1.35GB

Donnie “Brax” Braxton            5’11”           172 lbs         24yo
Chuck Rowen                         5’7”             149 lbs         23yo

Brax (yellow speedos) is looking better than ever. He challenged Chuck (red speedos). We warned Brax that he was in for a really tough match. Brax was ready. He gets his patented head lock right off the bat and holds it for a real long time. Chuck escaped – the only Movimus wrestler to escape Brax’s head lock. “I knew I was in trouble when he got out of the head lock” Brax told us after the match.

Brax works real hard to keep Chuck on his back on the mat, and he’s good at that. But Chuck is great on his back. Brax escapes a wicked arm lock more than once, but Chuck just keeps the pressure on. When Brax gets his legs around Chuck, Chuck squirms and wrestles out. Brax tries every move and hold he knows and he has great balance, so he can keep himself in great position.

But Chuck is just awesome – no other way to put it – this guy just won’t quit. He’s as strong as he can be at 150 pounds and he knows how to use his power to immobilize his opponent. Chuck has endless stamina and he loves to wear down his opponents. That’s how he got Brock Hammer and he intends to do the same to Brax.

Brax wrestles harder and better than he ever has before. He doesn’t get frustrated – he keeps his cool and keeps the pressure on Chuck. But is it enough? This is one match that you will watch over and over again. I did !

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