Jared Stone vs. Chuck Rowen

Total Running Time: 21:19
File Size: HD 1.22GB/ 4K 4.4GB

Jared Stone                     5’7”            190 lbs                   25yo
Chuck Rowen                  5’7”            149 lbs                   23yo

Jared (flowered speedo) wanted this match – bad. He figured there was no way a 150 pounder could handle him. Chuck (orange speedos) is just incredible. You can’t get hold of this guy. He’s just too fast, too agile, and way too good to let himself get beat. Take a look at his legs. They are actually much strong than they look. Jared found out in the first match when he tapped in a head scissors.

Jared has some real skill and, at 190 pounds, can put some real hurt on his opponents. Chuck is just too quick and he won’t tap out. Jared gives it all he’s got, but Chuck once again walks off the mat the victor. Jared told us after the match that he just couldn’t believe “how strong this little guy is”. He found out the hard way. The Movimus wrestlers all want a shot at Chuck. His training in Ju-Jitsu and wrestling is awesome. He knows it all and he’s one really powerful little guy.

Check out Chuck’s speed in this match. Jared works hard and tries to control with his power, but Chuck just keeps escaping and reversing. It’s really great to watch Chuck work over these big guys.

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