Connor Flynn vs. Ron Wilson

Total Running Time: 27:07
File Size: SD 325.2MB/ HD 1.57GB

Ron (purple speedos) challenged Connor (orange speedos). Ron wanted to try the tough guy. He figured that since he handled Dillon Walsh, Connor should be no problem. Ron was mistaken. Connor is very, very intense. He simply will not give up unless he is completely convinced there is no other option. Connor is way strong , especially his legs, and he knows how to use them.

Ron is quick. He gets behind Connor right away and brings him to the mat. Ron works the upper body and maintains control. Eventually, Connor reverses, Ron reverses, Connor reverses again. Great – even matchup. Ron is very powerful and his great balance. He’s wrestling champ of his fraternity – LOL. Connor is a real competitor and it comes down here to who wants to win the match the most. Connor tries a triangle choke – misses – tries again. Ron goes for the head scissors (how he beat Dillon) misses and tries again . Very ever match.

These great, cut wrestlers give it their all and it shows. Ron dropped almost 20 pounds since his last match for Movimus. He’s much more cut – and strong. It took a long time and some really great wrestling, but there is definitely one winner and the loser wants to “bring it on” again. The battle may be over for now, but the war still needs to be decided.

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