Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Blake Matson

Total Running Time: 20:10
File Size: SD 246.4MB/ HD 1.17GB

Blake Matson                    6’6”              210 lbs.          25yo
Donnie “Brax” Braxton      5’11”            173 lbs.          24yo

Brax (yellow speedos) asked for this match against Blake (blue speedos). Blake, at 6’6” and 210 lbs, promised to be a real challenge for Brax. Brax is a real tough wrestler. He’s calculating, professional, and very focused. He loves the sport and loves a challenge. He’s much, much stronger than he looks, and he looks damn strong.

Blake is on the professional wrestling circuit. He’s strong, and likes to finish quickly. He’s not much for a continued match wrestler. So Brax figured he’d take advantage of that. At first, Brax is on the bottom and Blake is working him over with his upper body. Finally Brax reverses and begins an assault on Blake. Blake escapes to his feet a couple times, but Brax just brings him back to the mat. At one point, a double body scissors spells the end for Brax, we think – we were wrong. He wrestles out, lets Blake out of the scissors and goes for an arm bar.

Each time Blake takes Brax to the mat, Brax reverses. Brax is stretched by the 6’6” lanky Blake, stretched like he’s never been stretched before. But Brax is consummate and controlled. He’s a seasoned wrestler and he’s not about to tap out.
Both these wrestlers look great and know their stuff. This is a typical Movimus match – we love it like this!

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