Max Anderson vs. Marco Talus

Total Running Time: 27:07
File Size: 4K 5.6GB

Max Anderson 5’11”   204   25yo
Marco Talus     6’0”    197    24yo

Awesome! Totally awesome! Marco (yellow speedos) is awesome strong. Max (blue speedos) is an awesome wrestler. This is a thirty minute brawl with no winner. Max manages to wrestle his way out of each and every power move that Marco uses. Marco powers out of each and every wrestling hold that Max gets him into.

Listen to Marco moan and groan as he tries to escape Max’s head scissors. Watch Marco use one hand to keep Max’s leg pinned to the mat. Check out Max in a full nelson and body scissors – not able to use his patented ankle lock. Don’t miss Marco using his wicked powerful upper body to get off his back, turn Max to his back and keep him pinned to the mat.

Power vs. Skill! Definitely the title of this match. Max was reeling after the match. He definitely thought he should have beaten Marco. Actually, Marco was pretty pleased with himself. Max wants a rematch – man does Max want a rematch. Max is usually not so aggressive. He just likes to wrestle, but he really wants Marco on the mat again. I’m sure he’ll get what he wants – he always does.

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