Ron Wilson vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 31:46
File Size: SD 374.7MB/ HD 1.84GB

Max Anderson 5’11” 204 25yo
Ron Wilson 5’9” 176 24yo

Ron (blue speedos) flew in from CA for a match against Max (white speedos). Ron figured that since he handled both Dillon Walsh and Barrett Storm so easily, that he would be able to handle Max as well. Max didn’t quite agree.

Ron lost about 15 lbs. and came NYC more ripped and a lot faster. He’s been working out hard with his fraternity and was more than ready for the match against Max. Max put on about 10 lbs. of muscle and he felt more strong than he has ever felt in his life. Both these guys are great submission wrestlers and this promised to be a really good match.

Ron took down Max right away and got behind him, but that was as far as Max would let him go. Ron got a body scissors and Max tried the cross ankle lock but missed. Ron clamped on the cross face and had Max squirming to get free. He did ! Max used his legs on Ron’s head and Ron returned the favor. Some really great wrestling moves from both wrestlers and excellent counters as well. Max finally used his power and began controlling the California strong man. The match went back and forth for 25 minutes but there is a definite winner – 3 submissions. It was decisive.


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