Marco Talus vs. Connor Flynn

Total Running Time: 39:44
File Size: SD 485MB/ HD 2.06GB

Marco Talus            6’2”          193 lbs         24yo
Connor Flynn          6’1”          181 lbs         22yo

Marco (green speedos) is from Brazil and trained in Ju-Jitsu there. He watched a couple of Connor’s (blue speedos) matches and asked Movimus for a match against Connor. Marco is well built, cut and in great shape, but he is actually much stronger than he looks. His arms and chest are just raw muscle. Connor too is real tough, very strong – so this promised to be an awesome match.

They lock up on their feet and stay that way for a long time. Both flexing and jockeying for position, trying to get the other guy down. They both measure each other and get a feel for how strong the other guy is. They stay on their feet for a long time before Connor goes to his back and wraps his legs around Marco. Connor believes that he can beat any opponent with his super powerful legs. Marco escapes and stays on top. Connor finds himself in trouble, struggling against the power of Marco’s upper body. Marco eventually gets behind Connor and immediately clamps on a rear-naked choke. Connor is forced to tap out.

Again they lock up and again it’s just raw power against power. Connor manages to get the upper hand and Marco manages to reverse. It’s a real brawl. When Connor does get a really good scissors, Marco moans, pushes, struggles and everything else, but eventually powers out of Connor’s legs. Connor goes right for the figure-four around Marco’s head. Again, more grunting and groaning, but Marco escapes. Awesome wrestling!

After three submissions and a definite winner, the loser wanted a re-match – the very next day. That didn’t happen, but these guys are definitely not finished with each other.


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