Brian Hollister vs. JonMarc Hogan: The Rematch

Total RunningTime: 25:58
File Size: SD 314.8MB/ HD 1.5GB

Brian Hollister                    6’             214 lbs                22yo
JonMarc Hogan                 6’4”          211 lbs                21yo

THE REMATCH ! JonMarc (blue speedos) worked out hard and was totally psyched for this rematch. Brian (orange speedos) is more cut and ripped than he’s ever been in his life. Both wrestlers were ready and psyched. Both wrestlers are powerful enough to bring the other down, and skilled enough to escape most holds. It’s a matter of endurance and the will to win. They both have it but who will win out. At Movimus we couldn’t wait to get these two guys on the mat again.

Brian gets an early takedown, but JonMarc is too long and tough to be held down. He uses his balance and height to reverse Brian and get the upper hand. But Brian is just soooo powerful. He is much stronger than he looks and he looks awesome strong. Brian throws in a nasty headlock and this time keeps JonMarc on his back on the mat. JonMarc uses a lot of his power and strength to get free, and Brian just keeps the pressure on.

JonMarc knows that he can beat Brian in a good head scissors, straight or figure-four. That’s his finishing hold. He works for it constantly, but Brian learned his lesson in the first match. Brian uses those guns and powerful chest to keep JonMarc’s legs away. This is some really great action.
These two, young, 200 pounders are in totally awesome shape and neither is willing to get off the mat a loser – but one of them has too. It’s great. It’s incredible action and wrestling.

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