JonMarc Hogan vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 21:58
File Size: SD 268.3MB/ HD 1.29GB

JonMarc Hogan 6’3” 202 23yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 193 25yo

JonMarc (grey speedos) flew to NYC from Texas just for this match against Max (red speedos). JonMarc beat Jax Holland and did an awesome match against the super strong Brian Hollister. He is totally convinced that he can beat Max and he has been asking for this match since he wrestled Brian.

Max is even the slightest bit intimidated by the 6’3” muscle boy. JonMarc is cut and ripped but Max figures that he can beat him in stamina and endurance. Max takes his time, let’s JonMarc get a couple good moves then works for the reversal. JonMarc is really great at holding an opponent for a long time in a hold and turning on the pressure – after all – he’s got enough muscle to make it hurt – and he counts on beating Max by completely overpowering him. Max isn’t about to let that happen.

When JonMarc is forced to tap out he is really pissed and all the viewer know it. JonMarc is not a very good looser LOL. Listen to him holler and get even more frustrated as Max destroys the muscle boy and shows JonMarc that Texans aren’t as tough as they think (Don’t tell that to Brian Hollister).

Once again, Max is still the Movimus pretty-boy champ. Maybe Connor Flynn or Brock Hammer will be able to dethrone him!

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