Max Anderson vs. Connor Flynn: Match 3

Total Running Time: 22:12
File Size: HD 1.32GB/ 4K 5.08GB

Max Anderson    5'11"        192 lbs.

Connor Flynn     6'              178 lbs.

Max (Black speedos) told us that he really likes wrestling Conner (red speedos) but he is tired of being challenged by him when he know he can beat Connor easy! Max is not usually that cocky. Connor is one really tough guy for his size. He’s a tremendous athlete. But Max is determined to put him away in this match. “He’s not going to want to wrestle me again.”

Max starts out much tougher in this match than in the previous two against Connor – and it pays off for him. He gets three tap outs from Connor before Connor gets really pissed and slams his fist on the mat several times. After that, Connor turns it on. A double leg take down – awesome speed and determination – Max is on his back in one of the most vicious head scissors we’ve ever seen. Connor squeezes Max’s head with all he’s got and Max is forced to tap out. Unbelievable.

This match continues, and continues. When Max says he’s had enough for today – Connor gets up and brings Max right back to the mat. When Connor tries to walk off the mat, Max challenges him to come right back and keep wrestling. This is great! Just what we like to see at Movimus.

Maybe these to guys need a 60 minute time limit - all out match – to settle who is the real winner. Connor is already begging for Max again.

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