Max Anderson vs. Brock Hammer: Match 3

Total Running Time: 25:15
File Size: SD 308.1MB/ HD 1.47GB

Brock Hammer 6’2” 193 19yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 191 25yo

THE RE-REMATCH! These two guys just won’t quit – and they both agree, they won’t stop until there is a definite, undisputed winner. Max (green speedos) wrestles his toughest and best, but just can’t seem to definitively defeat Brock (multi-colored speedos). At 19 years old, Brock is one of the toughest teens we’ve ever met. His huge thighs are very hard to handle, especially when they are squeezing your chest or head. Max learned early on how tough Brock is (check out their first match), and Max is going to be more than ready from now on each time he wrestles Brock.

It’s always a true give and take match between these two wrestlers. As they face each other one never knows who is going to take who down. Reversals on the mat are frequent. Strong powerful leg holds are consistent. Half-nelsons, full nelsons, arm bars, ankle locks, and headlocks are always present. These two wrestlers know it all, and use all the moves and holds. Neither is very cautious against the other. Both go all out and take a lot of risks. It’s totally awesome.

Personally, I have watched all three of their matches at least 10 times. I use their matches when I interview a new, potential Movimus wrestler. There is none better to show than these guys. Max and Brock are consummate wrestlers. You can expect to see a lot more of both wrestlers.

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