Max Anderson vs. Connor Flynn: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 23:57
File Size: SD 295MB/ HD 1.39GB

Connor Flynn 6’1” 174 21yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 188 25yo

THE REMATCH! Connor (navy blue speedos) has been wrestling a couple times a week to get ready for this rematch. Max is always ready. Max admits that Connor is much stronger than he looks, especially his legs, but Max is determined to get even for his loss in the first match (it was 4-3 , Connor won). Connor promises that he is going to stay on top of Max and not give him a chance to win. And that is exactly what he does.

But Max pulls out all the stops. Max agrees that Connor is a very tuff guy and really hard to wrestle. Connor stays in real close against Max not giving the NHB muscle boy much of a chance to work his favorite holds. Connor works his strength and speed, but Max is a master technician. At one point, Connor gets a really wicked head scissors on Max, like he did in the first match, but this time Max doesn’t tap. Max catches Connor in an arm bar, just like the first match, but Connor is ready and has practiced getting out. He does and immediately gains control.

Twenty-two minutes on the mat without a break. One match – one winner – and one very pissed off wrestler. This ain’t over !

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