Jared Stone vs. Jax Holland: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 26:49
File Size: SD 318.3MB/ HD 1.54GB

Jared Stone 5’7” 193 25yo 
Jax Holland 6’1” 199 23yo

THE REMATCH! Jared (pink speedos) wanted this rematch right away. He was sure that he could beat Jax (blue speedos). Jared figured that he knew all Jax’s moves and holds and that he would be able to defend against the bigger muscle boy and eventually get him in a finishing hold. Jax may not have a great deal of submission wrestling skill, but he is one of the strongest guys we’ve had wrestle at Movimus. He has awesome power and an attitude that makes him want to win all the time. Jax is tough, aggressive and hates to lose.

Jared is more of the consummate wrestler – he’s been wrestling for many years and has taken on some of the best at the WWE. He knows it all and is pretty easy going. They say opposites attract, well here ya go.

Jared takes Jax down and begins working him over. Jared school-boy-pins Jax and works on his arms and neck. Jax muscle out of every move. Jax turns Jared to his back , tries for a reverse cradle, misses. Jared pushes Jax into the mirrored wall and works him over. Jax tries for a head scissors and misses- again. It’s really even – both these wrestlers want to win. Jared gets on top and uses a nasty headlock. Jax turns him over and gets his own headlock. With Jax’s guns, that’s got to hurt.

Reality submission wrestling – determination – endurance – refusals to tap out or give up – two “not such good friends” – both with a mission to prove --- it’s all right here. These two wrestlers give an incredible match – no wimps in this one !

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