Max Anderson vs. Brock Hammer

Total Running Time: 29:03
File Size: SD 352.4MB/ HD 1.3 GB

Max Anderson 5’11 189 25yo
Brock Hammer 6’2” 191 19yo

Brock (blue speedos) wanted this match bad. We told Max (orange speedos) that he was in for a really tough fight. Max is always confident and was sure that no 19 year old would be able to handle him. I think Max forgets that he never lost a match when he was 19 years old. Brock is just incredibly strong with really great wrestling skills. Brock was sure he could beat the Movimus muscle boy.

And he did! Max got manhandled – pushed around the mat- and forced to tap out 3 times. Max has never lost so badly. He strained those muscles, pushed his body, tried to hang in there and get the upper hand, but Brock took him apart. Lots of leg holds, punishing moves, even a really nasty boston crab that completely wiped out Max. Incredibly awesome match. You’ve got to see Max take some of the same kind of punishment that he has been dishing out for 5 years now. It’s really great.

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