Jay Phoenix vs. Jared Stone

Total Running Time: 23:19
File Size: SD 293.3MB/ HD 1.81GB

Jay Phoenix 5’11” 222 21yo
Jared Stone 5’7” 196 25yo

Jared (green speedos) challenged the still undefeated (overall) Jay (blue speedos) . Giving away 25 pounds didn’t bother Jay at all. He was confident that he could handle the big guy. Right away Jared goes for the take down and misses his shot. Jay takes advantage and is all over Jared putting him in all kinds of moves and holds. Jared hangs on for a long time. Each time he tries one of his favorite moves, Jay counters and reverses. Jay gets a really nice head scissors on Jared that has Jared squirming to get free. Jared tried an arm behind the back, but Jay just powers out.

Jared gets a really good head lock on Jay and holds the big guy down for a long time. We thought maybe Jay would have to submit in order to get out – no way. Jay escapes and reverses in a big way. Jared climbs back and gets a full nelson, but not for long. Jay is just too strong.

This is all Jay Phoenix. He totally shows the big, blond Jared what it means to be a submission wrestler. Jared is one really smart dude. He is learning a lot from wrestling these big guys.

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