Brock Hammer vs. Johnny Modesto

Total Running Time: 22:14
File Size: SD 279.5MB/ HD 1.29GB

Brock Hammer             6’2         194 lbs       19yo
Johnny Modesto           5’11”      210 lbs       33yo 

Johnny (black speedos) is an experienced wrestler. He’s a big guy in great shape. He definitely wanted to take on some of our college wrestlers. Brock (red speedos) was looking for more practice against a skilled wrestler. Sounded like a perfect match – and it is. Johnny was at first somewhat holding back against a 19 year old, but that ended after the first 30 seconds. Brock brought him right to the mat and got a quick submission. Then Johnny started using his power and skill, and Brock found himself in a real brawl.

Brock is just incredibly strong, and he’s learning how to use that strength in a submission match. He found out against Mike Cappio that High School collegiate style doesn’t really work in a submission match and he was determined not to get caught in another wicked ankle lock like the one Mike had him in. He likes wrestling bigger guys, so Johnny was just the kind of match Brock likes. Johnny was able to toss Brock around, but Brock found out quickly how to stay out of the finishing holds – and he learned a few new tricks of his own. Brock kept working on Johnny and Johnny uses all his strength and skill to keep from tapping out. It’s really great to watch these two wrestlers go at each other.

Brock is definitely working hard to challenge some of Movimus' best.

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