Max Anderson vs. Connor Flynn

Total Running Time: 21:02
File Size: SD 256.7MB/ HD 1.24 GB

Max Anderson                 5’11”         186 lbs          25yo
Connor Flynn                   6’1”           178 lbs         21yo

Connor (blue speedos) was a star athlete in High School, although not a wrestler. “I roll around with my brother a lot” was the extend of his stated wrestling experience. But he wanted to wrestle Max (yellow/brown speedos). We told Connor that Max is one of our best wrestlers, but Connor insisted that he wanted a shot at Max.

When we saw his huge biceps and very, very strong looking thighs, we thought this kid might have a chance – an outside chance. Max easily agreed to the match. So they met at the Movimus studio one Saturday afternoon and the match was on. Max goes for the take down, Connor counters, gets Max on his back and immediately gets his legs up to his head to try for a head scissors. Max gets an arm in and is able to escape. Max tries to reverse but Connor rolls Max again to his back and gets on top in a schoolboy pin. Max rolls quickly to escape and finds Connors legs wrapped around his waist. Max tries to power out but gets one arm trapped, then the other and Connor has a full nelson and body scissor on Max. Max struggles for over a minute, but Connor keeps applying the pressure. When Connor finally gets his legs high across Max’s chest, Max is forced to say “give”. Awesome! Totally impressive.

The rest of the match is more of the same –back and forth – a total of seven submissions and not at all one sided. Max gets twisted, wrapped up, and squeezed in ways he never has before. Where did Connor come from – he’s a great submission wrestler. Wait till you see his powerful thighs around Max’s head forcing Max to tap out. Max does some damage too, but Connor makes an incredible debut ! Welcome to Movimus Connor ! Keep wrestling for us.

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