Max Anderson vs. Jared Stone: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 25:22
File Size: SD 306.6MB/ HD 1.46GB

THE REMATCH! Jared (red/blue speedos) is totally determined to destroy Max (gold speedos). Jared is convinced that there is no way Max is going to get him to tap out. Jared has been practicing and he’s perfected some really intricate holds. He plans on surprising Max with a vicious finishing hold. He’s totally psyched. Max just laughs. Max told us he’d rather wrestle Chris Voronin or Sandy Vinnari – he’s got a score to settle with both those guys.

Jared brings Max to the mat and quickly moves behind him – body scissors and choke. Max struggles but gets free – then totally destroys Jared. He pounds Jared with a whole slew of excellent submission moves. Jared taps in a head scissors, chin lock and head scissors, arm bar using his legs. It’s endless. Jared is embarrassed. Max is all over him. Jared wrestles like a trouper but Max is just too much for him. This is Max Anderson at his best.

Max is much more cut and ripped then ever, and obviously he’s been working on him favorite holds. He’s become a real finisher – as Jared found out. It looks like Max Anderson is once again, the Movimus wrestler to beat.

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