Jared Stone vs. Dillon Walsh

Total Running Time: 26:00
File Size: HD 1.5GB/ 4K 5.4GB

Jared Stone 5’7” 195 25yo
Dillon Walsh 5’11” 196 21yo

Dillon (black/red speedos) challenged Jared (blue speedos). Dillon knew he was in for a really tough match. Dillon figured he was stronger, but he sensed that Jared was a really good wrestler.

It didn’t take long for these two wrestlers to respect each other. They both lost a match early on and they both became determined not to lose again. Watching Dillon get pushed around, twisted, squeezed, and pounded on by a real submission wrestler is incredible. Dillon’s muscles are totally put to the test. Jared uses his knowledge and speed to keep Dillon from getting the finishing hold. Jared often manages to reverse Dillon and get him in some great stretches, holds and locks. At one point, Jared sits on Dillon’s back and pulls up on his chin. Dillon is stretched the way he’s never been stretched before. Great scene !

What makes this match even better is that these two wrestlers loved wrestling each other. You can see and hear that during the match. Jared told us “I’ll wrestle him anytime. He’s great.” That’s what we like to hear.

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