Brock Hammer vs. Mike Cappio

Total Running Time: 30:18
File Size: SD 37605MB/ HD 1.75GB

Brock Hammer                 6’2”            189 lbs                19yo
Mike Cappio                     5’11”           213 lbs                20yo

Mike (black speedos) is Jason Guarino’s best friend and football teammate. When Mike saw the beating that Jason took from Brock (rust speedos), Mike wanted a shot at Brock. Mike wrestled all four years in HS at 215 lbs. and had quite an impressive record – only 2 losses. He wanted this submission match and he promised Jason that he would “beat Brock bad”. Brock readily agreed to the match.

Brock took one look at Mike’s huge legs and told us “I’m staying away from them”. But Mike had different ideas. This is one totally awesome wrestling match. These two skilled wrestlers are not about to tap out. It’s a wide use of all moves and holds and some we’ve never seen before at Movimus. Both guys are way skilled and willing to do whatever it takes to make the other guy tap out.

It’s back and forth over and over again. Brock puts two nasty headlocks on Mike early in the match and keeps asking him to tap. Mike just rolls and powers out. Mike puts an ankle lock on Brock that has him screaming, but he too will not tap. Mike gets a body scissors along with the ankle lock and Brock is in real trouble, but he is one of the toughest wrestlers we’ve ever met at Movimus and he knows his moves. He wrestles out and goes for a full nelson.

They end in a draw after a full 30 minutes of wrestling with a promise, as you’ll see at the end, of a major rematch. They have both promised that the next match will be a definite winner, no matter how long it takes.

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