Dillon Walsh vs. Reggie Banks

Total Running Time: 23:09
File Size: 279.5MB

Dillon Walsh                 5’11”          188 lbs             21yo
Reggie Banks               5’9”           203 lbs             18yo

Reggie (yellow speedos) is much more prepared and ready to start winning. He promised NHB that he would never lose a match again. We’ll see about that. He watched a couple matches on the Movimus website and immediately asked to wrestle Dillon (blue speedos). Reggie was impressed with the 22 inch biceps on Dillon and his huge chest. “I’m going to be bigger than that” he told NHB. At 18, he’s well on his way.

So we put them on the mat against each other – and it’s all muscle. Dillon just turned 21, two days before this match, so he was looking forward to a night out in NYC. He wasn’t concentrating on wrestling Reggie. But Reggie changed his focus real quick. When Reggie put the first head lock on Dillon, got behind and threw on a body scissors, Dillon was paying attention. Reggie picks Dillon up in a face-to-face bearhug – awesome. Didn’t’ last too long, they fell to the mat and Dillon escaped, but the try was very impressive. These guys are big, strong and aggressive.

Both wrestlers know how to apply a hold and get a submission. This match is totally great – watch them both use their muscle on each other. You’ll watch this match over and over again – I have !

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