Max Anderson vs. Reggie Banks

Total Running Time: 30:37
File Size: SD 373.8MB/ HD 1.78GB

Reggie Banks                5’9”              203 lbs          18yo
Max Anderson               5’11”            194 lbs           25yo

Check out Reggie (blue/white speedo). Young, teen muscle – that’s the only way to describe him. Football player and wrestler, this is one really tough teen. Max (yellow/orange speedos) took one look at Reggie in his speedo and told us “this is going to be tough”. Right away Reggie shows awesome speed for a big guy. He moves behind Max, clamps on a full nelson and body scissors and Max is in trouble. “You’ll have to do it harder than that” says Max, but some how I don’t believe he meant it. Max struggles for almost three minutes before escaping only to get caught in a vicious head scissors. It’s all over for Max.

Max comes back for the second match with a lot more determination and caution. He uses excellent moves that the muscle teen powers out of. He clamps on a really tight head scissors and combination that has Reggie in a whole heap of trouble. He struggles, squirms, tries to use his power, but Max is determined. Reggie taps. One-to-One!

Now the match really starts. Both wrestlers know they can win and lose. From here on it’s any wrestlers game. They are both tough, they are both good, and they both want to win. The best combination for really great, totally awesome, submission wrestling.

These two wrestlers have already had a rematch – and it was phenomenal with a definite victor. Look for it in the very near future from Movimus!

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