Max Anderson vs. Reggie Banks: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 27:34
File Size: 348MB

Reggie Banks 5’9” 203 18yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 194 25yo

THE REMATCH! Reggie (yellow/white speedos) is ready for the rematch – so is Max (black speedos). They both know they can win – they both have made each other tap out. They know each others styles, power, moves and holds. Reggie calls Max “you old man – I’m going to destroy you “, Max laughs “bring it on, bro”. We’ve been anticipating this match for weeks. The best kind of Movimus match – we have no idea who is going to win.

After the first five minutes of this re-match, it was quite obvious that Max was at his best. He was totally incredible. No matter what Reggie tried, Max countered. No matter how much of a nasty hold Reggie got on Max, Max escaped. When Reggie used all those huge muscles to squeeze Max, Max powered right out. John Cena would have his hands full with Max Anderson on this day--well, maybe not, LOL!--but Reggie sure did.

Reggie did not want to tap. As Max applied the pressure, Reggie really struggled to get free, or at least to get in a safe position. Max used absolutely incredible head scissors – like we’ve never seen before. Reggie got more and more exhausted. As the match wore, Reggie began to scream, quite loudly, in pain. Max wouldn’t let up; he wanted to beat this muscle teen so bad that Reggie would never wrestle him again. He came really close to that.

When it was all over, Reggie lay on the mat for a long while, got on his feet, shook Max’s hand, and said “I ain’t finished with you, bro”. Damn – Match 3 is going to be a barnyard brawl.

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