Jared Stone vs. Jax Holland

Total Running Time: 30:55
File Size: SD 380.2MB/ HD 1.79GB

Jared Stone             5’7”          194 lbs          25yo
Jax Holland              6’1”          198 lbs          23yo

Jared (blue speedos) challenged the very muscular Jax (yellow speedos). Jared is very skilled. He knows all the moves and holds and is very good at switching from one hold to another. He has great speed. Jax relies on his awesome power. He’s solid as a rock and twice as strong as he looks. If he catches you in the right hold the right way – it’s all over.

Jared does a real good job controlling Jax. He gets on top and stays there. He puts Jax in a tight head lock and squeezes. Jax powers out. Jared tries an ankle lock, even an arm lock. Jax catches him in a full body scissors. It’s tight and has Jared squirming to get out. Jax tries a head scissors. Jared gets lucky and senses it coming so he’s able to escape. Great moves for and wicked wrestling for over 20 minutes. Jared stays on top but never has Jax in trouble. Jared uses all his skill to stay away from the python arms and legs of Jax. It’s great wrestling.

These two guys are not friends. They both want a rematch and it’s not going to be pretty. Each of them know that, given the right move and hold just the right way, they can get the other guy to tap out. They both want to totally defeat the other. This is a real feud. They won’t spend time together, they barely talk to each other – they just want to wrestle.

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