Jax Holland vs. Dillon Walsh

Total Running Time: 22:22
File Size: HD 1.28GB/ 4K 4.6GB

Jax Holland              6’1”       198 lbs         23yo
Dillon Walsh             5’11”     192 lbs         21yo

This is great! Both huge, muscle body-builders are real good wrestlers. Both guys are the same size and both hate to lose. Jax (red speedos) has a mean streak and loves to fight. He will do whatever needs to be done to win a match. Dillon (blue speedos) is a much nicer guy, laid bad, and a really cool. But he is huge and doesn’t realize how strong he is. He’s a real muscle boy. He learned against Ron Wilson that all he has to do is use those 22 inch biceps for a head lock and he will get a submission.

Jax takes Dillon down, gets behind him with a cross-face and body scissors. Jax thinks right off that he has Dillon beat. But Dillon has learned how to take a hold and wrestle out. He sure is strong enough to do that. Dillon reverses and begins to work on Jax. He tries an arm bar – Jax is too strong. He uses a side head lock – Jax powers out. He tries a choke, Jax pushes him off. Before you know it, Jax gets behind again with another cross-face and body scissors.

And it continues. Awesome power, moves and great wrestling. Muscle-to-Muscle: these two wrestlers are really built and want to win. When Dillon finally gets a real tight head lock, Jax is in real trouble. This time it’s not so easy to use those big arms to escape. Dillon is determined. It’s incredible. Certainly this is the best muscle match we’ve ever had at Movimus. Don’t miss these guys. They’ll be back against each other.

Note: This match has been remastered from the original Hi8 tape and AI-Enhanced to HD. 

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