Jared Stone vs. Max Anderson

Total Running Time: 28:04
File Size: HD 1.61GB/ 4K 5.9GB

Jared Stone                   5’7”            195 lbs          25yo
Max Anderson               5’11”           197 lbs         25yo 

Jared (blue speeods) gets his wish. He’s been asking for a match against Max (red speedos). And what a superb match. Both 25 year olds, both just about the same size, both real wrestlers. Jared is totally determined to defeat the Movimus muscle boy. He goes after Max with a vengeance not seen since Max got pummeled by Bart Gilroy. He uses everything he knows and he is very effective. He’s totally in control of Max for most of this match.

But this is a new Max Anderson. He’s tired of losing – he wants to regain his winning ways. He’s been working out hard – look for yourself. He’s stronger and meaner. He won’t let anyone get a tap out from him. He’s ready to wrestle, wrestle and win . Jared attempts body scissors, head scissors, arm bars, full nelsons, ankle and leg locks, and just about anything he can think of. Max counters, struggles, reverses and works for the win. Check out how many times Max uses his vicious legs and catches Jared in a head scissors. Check out each test of real strength. Both wrestlers have bulging muscles trying to control the other guy.

It’s an awesome match. Two submissions, both by one wrestler. Just great submission wrestling. The rematch has already happened. Look for it in the very near future on Movimus Wrestling.

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