Jay Phoenix vs. Brian Hollister

Total Running Time: 21:53
File Size: SD 265.7MB/ HD 1.25GB

Jay Phoenix                  5’11”                224 lbs             21yo
Brian Hollister               6’                     217 lbs             23yo

Jay (yellow/black speedos) has been asking for a match against Brian (blue speedos) for a long time. Since Brian is an undefeated Movimus wrestler in Jay’s weight class, Jay really wanted to prove he could beat him and have the heavyweight title all to himself.

Both guys start out with a lot of respect for each other. Jay is bigger and has been wrestling a lot in Scotland. Brian isn’t the slightest bit intimidated. The match quickly gets tougher and rougher. Both wrestlers like the head lock and either can make the other tap if he gets it on just the right way. Twice Brian clamps on a tight head scissors, and twice Jay escapes. Jay muscles Brian to the mat and keeps him using his arms and power. Jay figures that Brian is eventually going to get tired. But both wrestlers keep working for just the right head lock that is going to get a tap out.

Both wrestlers show how tough they really are. They both realize that the winner is going to leave undefeated, and the loser will have his first lose. So neither wrestler is about to tap out. The first match goes over 15 minutes, but there is definitely a tap out. The second match is over in less than five minutes and there is definitely a tap out – but there is still no champion – it’s a draw.

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