Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Billy Watts

Total Running Time: 22:51
File Size: HD 1.32GB/ 4K 5.22GB

Donnie "Brax" Braxton             5'11"      169 lbs        23yo
Billy Watts                                5'5"        146 lbs        21yo

Billy (red speedos) comes to Movimus as a ranked amateur wrestler. Having the collegiate skills, the muscle and power, the speed and aggression, Billy wants to put to all to the test on the submission mat. Brax (green/red striped speedos) is his first submission challenge.

Billy is impressive in the first two minutes. He's so fast and knows so much, it's hard to keep up with the action. But Brax proves that he can. You can tell right away that these guys are very evenly matched and this is a real brawl. Brax goes for his favorite "guillotine" at least twice just to have Billy power out. Billy suddenly catches Brax's left leg in a scissors, cross faces him and stretches his body as far back as he can. Brax is in a guillotine (of sorts). He tries to rip off the cross face, struggles to turn or reverse, but is ultimately forced to tap. Brax loses.

Billy comes back in the next match with a nasty choke and Brax taps again. Brax is down 2-0, not something that happens often – and he hates it.

You've got to see Brax go to work. He's pissed and not about to let this little tough guy go home a winner. Sure enough, it ends 2-2. What a great come back. Billy can't believe it and doesn't want to wrestle again until the gets his rematch against Brax. It's really great watching wrestlers this skilled and strong go at each other – never knowing what the outcome is going to be -- totally what we are looking for at Movimus Wrestling.

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