Barrett Storm vs. Ron Wilson: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 22:11
File Size: SD 204.9MB/ HD 1.73GB

Barrett Storm 6'3" 193 24yo
Ron Wilson 5'9" 175 22yo

THE REMATCH! Barrett (yellow speedos) is determined to get revenge for the beating Ron (blue speedos) gave him in their first match. Barrett is a very long, lanky football linebacker. He is much, much stronger than he looks. He knows how to use his height to his advantage in a submission match, and if he gets his legs locked around you're head – you'll tap out.

But Ron is awesome. He's a real fighter. He will take on anyone at anytime. He wrestles young guys and older guys at his gym. He wrestles just for the love of wrestling – and he's good. Both Barrett and Dillon Walsh told us that Ron's legs are “wicked strong" and Ron sure knows how to use them. When Ron gets behind Barrett on the mat and tries to throw on a body scissors, Barrett works like a madman to avoid the hold. When Ron gets the head scissors on Barrett he laughs and tries to make Ron think that it didn't bother him. He escaped, got caught in the same hold again – then tapped out.

The stronger and tougher Barrett became during the match, the more Ron countered. This is a match of power and a real struggle for control. Ron uses all his submission skills and comes out on top again – giving Barrett a sound defeat. Ron thinks he's ready to take on the best wrestlers at Movims. He's asking for Bryan Hollister, Jay Phoenix, Max Anderson and Sandy Vinnari.

It's coming!

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