Dillon Walsh vs. Ron Wilson

Total Running Time: 26:50
File Size: SD 329.4MB/ HD 1.54GB

Dillon Walsh               5'11"              189 lbs             20yo
Ron Wilson                 5'9"               179 lbs             22yo

Ron (orange speedos) had been asking for a shot at Dillon (blue speedos) ever since his first match against Barrett Storm. Ron was pretty confident that he could handle the muscle boy and get at least one good “tap out" out of him. Dillon is always ready for a match. He'll wrestle anyone. Dillon has been working on his skills and technique. He's been wrestling a lot of older wrestlers, trying to learn some new moves and holds.

Ron brings Dillon to the mat pretty fast but soon finds himself locked in Dillon's body scissors. Suddenly, Ron realizes the power that he is up against. His face shows how tight and strong Dillon's legs are. Ron uses all his upper body strength to gain control, but he is slowly but surely being zapped by Dillon's power. You can see how easily Dillon tosses Ron around using just his legs.

But Ron is not about to let the muscle boy beat him. Ron is skilled, knows many moves and holds and has learned to trust his own strength. Ron gets free from the body scissors and begins a lethal array of very specific moves on Dillon. Dillon is off guard and surprised by the onslaught. You can see his frustration in a match that he thought he was going to win easily.

It's a super match-up. These guys are tough, very strong and both want to win – the perfect combination for a great Movimus match.

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