Matt Reid vs. Jay Phoenix

Total Running Time: 23:14
File Size: 284.2MB

Matt Reid 6’ 211 30yo
Jay Phoenix 5’11” 207 20yo

Matt (dark blue speedos) challenged the Scot, Jay (gold/black) speedos. Matt really thought he had a good chance of being the first Movimus Wrestler to defeat Jay. Jay is in great shape and does a lot of pro/submission wrestling in Europe. He knows every move and hold in the book and he‘s got the power to back up the moves. Matt figures his age and experience gave him the edge. But Jay wasn’t about to let that make a difference.

Impressively, the first fall was 22 minutes of non stop action. Both wrestlers tossed and reversed each other over and over again. Matt got a great head scissors on Jay and we thought it was all over, but Jay had other ideas. Another reversal and lots more action. Jay finally got a vicious leg lock on Matt and forced the tap out.

The next two falls were real quick, as if Jay came back on the mat with a vengeance. He got Matt to tap out twice in less than two minutes. Awesome moves, great power and tough action. Matt wants a rematch – he’s going to have to hit the gym hard and often before he defeats Jay.

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