Max Anderson vs. Sandro Vinnari: Match 3

Total Running Time: 21:01
File Size: SD 256MB/ HD 1.24GB

Sandro Vinnairi                    5’10”           181 lbs           25yo
Max Anderson                     5’11”            196 lbs           24yo 

THE RE-REMATCH ! WOW! That’s our only comment. WOW ! Max (blue speedos) gets destroyed. Four tap outs in a row. Sandy (green speedos) is all over him. We have never seen Max get so totally dominated. Max struggles and uses all his favorites, but Sandy is more than ready. Max needed to come up with a surprise, something new. He never did. Sandy just kept bringing him down and pounding on the pretty muscle boy. Max gets completely overwhelmed and defeated.

At the very end of the match, after two real quick submissions, Sandy gets up from the mat and says to us “he’s done”. WOW! Max Anderson – done ! Who’d ever believe it. Fifteen pounds and an extra inch of muscle didn’t help Max at all. Sandy took it to him and left with Max’s badge of honor. The once undefeated Movimus muscle boy has met his match.

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