Matt Reid vs. Mark Newcastle

Total Running Time: 15:22
File Size: 186.6MB

Matt Reid 6’ 212 29yo
Mark Newcastle 6’1” 198 36yo

Two very experienced submission wrestlers. You’ve seen a lot of Matt Reid (blue speedos) and you know how great a wrestler he is. Mark (yellow/red speedos) is new to Movimus Wrestling and asked to take on Matt. Once we met Mark, we were glad to oblige him. These two wrestlers hold nothing back. Not only do they know all the moves and holds, both with years of wrestling experience, but they also know the counters.

Mark muscles Matt onto his back and keeps him there, but is never able to put the finishing move on him. Matt struggles, escapes ,and gets tossed back to the mat. Matt uses his awesome strong legs and catches Mark in a body scissors. Some great action as Mark uses all his power and skill to escape Matt’s vice-like legs. Give and take, back and forth action for 20 minutes, until both wrestlers are spent. Some good submission work, and that’s what it takes to get a tap out.

So many have asked for the more experienced wrestlers – here they are. These two guys know it all and will keep wrestling. Both are strong and in great shape – the perfect combination for some real, tough submission wrestling.

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