Max Anderson vs. Sandro Vinnari: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 27:36
File Size: SD 337.8MB/ HD 1.59GB

Sandro Vinnari               5’10”         186 lbs             25yo
Max Anderson               5’11”          191 lbs             24yo

THE REMATCH! Max (gold speedos) was surprised that their first matches ended in a one-to-one draw. He was not only surprised by Sandy’s (brown speedos) wrestling ability but couldn’t believe how strong this kid is – especially his really strong legs. Sandy is a controller. He loves the top position and works it well. Check out how many times he has Max’s neck cranked in a full nelson when he is on top of Max. Check out the expression on Max’s face each time Sandy works a half or full nelson or a front face lock.

But don’t sell Max short as you’ve seen in his other matches. He has the most powerful and deadly leg scissors at Movimus. It’s been the rare opponent that escapes Max’s legs once he gets them wrapped your body or head. Max uses his legs well and consistently on Sandy, but Sandy always seems to just slip out – frustrating Max so much that it effects his style.

This rematch is a one submission, right to the very end brawl. Both these tough, trained submission wrestlers have never learned the words “I give” and they both have forgotten how to tap out. It’s a very even exchange of give and take moves and holds for 25 minutes before a vicious head and neck crank gets the tap out from one really upset wrestlers.

Believe it or not, their third match is scheduled to happen real soon. Both guys are predicting victory. At Movimus we think this is going to be a very long running feud.


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