Donnie "Brax" Braxton vs. Gary Wayne

Total Running Time: 22:10
File Size: SD 268.1MB/ HD 1.27GB 

Donnie “Brax” Braxton                  6’             170 lbs           22yo
Gary Wayne                                  5’9”          175 lbs           21yo

Real tough, evenly matched wrestlers. This is real, submission wrestling at it’s best. Gary (black/yellow speedos) is out to impress us and his fans and he definitely wants to keep wrestling for Movimus. Donnie is confident, very strong and a seasoned wrestler. Both are tough and will not tap out till the very last second. Both these wrestlers start out being convinced that each can beat the other.

Brax uses his wicked headlock and tries for an arm bar with his legs. Gary won’t allow that. Gary forces Brax’s head back and traps him in a head scissors. Brax just won’t tap out. This is an awesome hold that has Brax squirming, pushing, struggling to get free. Gary keeps it on for a long time but Brax won’t tap out. It’s great to watch. Both Wrestlers have real strong legs and both know how to use them. But their upper bodies are equally as strong. Just look at the biceps on these guys.

When Brax tries for a guillotine (like he used on Denny Webb), Gary just flexes and Brax is forced to release. Gary is on his back with a body scissors around Brax that has Brax grimacing in pain. Gary’s thighs are nothing to fool around with. Brax relies on his headlock to keep the muscle boy on the mat and maintain control. This is a super match – one of our best.
You’ll watch this match over and over again.

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