Max Anderson vs. Sandro Vinnari

Total Running Time: 23:54
File Size: SD 288.1MB/ HD 1.84GB

Sandro Vinnari             5’10”           184 lbs             25yo
Max Anderson              5’11”           193 lbs             24yo

Sandy (pink speedos) has been challenging Max (blue speedos) for almost two years--he is just finishing 2 years of military service. He really showed what a great submission wrestler he is by defeating tough Bobby Baker. Sandy is one of the most skilled submission wrestlers we have ever come across.

Sandy immediately brings Max to the mat and cross faces him from behind, real hard. You can see the effects of Max’s face. Sandy makes the fatal error of throwing in the body scissors and Max clamps on the cross ankle lock and it is very soon all over for Sandy. He can’t believe it. Sandy is shocked and can’t believe he lost so fast. He knows what to look out for.

The next 20 minutes of this match is an all out war – give and take- back and forth, both wrestlers doing everything he can to get the other to submit. Lots of face and head locks, leg holds, ankle locks (at lease attempts). I don’t’ think we have ever had a more even match. It’s great! Both Submission wrestlers knowing just what to do and what to go for and both knowing all the counters and defenses.

Finally, Sandy gets Max in an inescapable front face lock and it is really locked on tight. Max struggles, strains , pushes and pulls, but is ultimately forced to tap. Unbelievable! This match is a draw – and it is definitely not over. The War has just begun! The rematch is already planned!

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