Ethan Lee vs. Chaz Stevens

Total Running Time: 17:28
File Size: HD 1.01GB/ 4K 3.7GB

Ethan Lee 5’8” 182 25yo
Chaze Stevens 5’8” 188 25yo

MUSCLE-BOY MATCH UP! Ethan (blue speedos) is one strong , well-built Asian American. He’s been training in submission wrestling and working out hard for his first NHB BATTLE match. Chaze (red speedos) is a “real” muscle wrestler. A former HS and College wrestler, Chaze comes to Movimus more than ready for his first submission match.

This match is a show of strength and power. Ethan uses his strong legs for a body scissors around Chaze, but Chaze just powers out. Headlocks used by both wrestlers are awesome, but both show their power to escape the hold. Ethan gets caught in a tight front face lock with no escape. Check out the “guns” on Chaze pumped to their max. Chaze uses multiple scissors holds and has Ethan draining his power to escape.

The skilled muscle of Chaze finally prevails but not with just a little bit of effort. After the final submission, Chaze can just barely get to his feet but check out his pumped physique as he exits the mat. Incredible! Watch Movimus Wrestling for more of both these wrestlers.

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