Jim Brennan vs. Blake Matson

Total Running Time: 18:20
File Size: SD 246.2MB/ HD 1.04GB

Jim Brennan                 6’1”           199 lbs           20yo
Blake Matson               6’5”            201 lbs          23yo

Two Texas pro wrestlers in a submission match. These two guys have been on the professional circuit in Texas for a couple years, but have never met in the ring. When we asked them to do a “real, submission” match, they both jumped at the opportunity. Blake (black speedos) at 6’5” and over 200 pounds, he looks to be an awesome force. Jim (blue speedos) is a tuff trained wrestler, having just gained about 10 pounds of muscle. This turns out to be a great match, two very evenly matched guys exchanging moves and holds at random, both get tapped out and come right back for more action.

Both wrestlers have long, lanky, very strong legs and they both know how to use them. Lots of scissors, lots of upper body control. You can tell these two guys love to wrestle, they both get right up after one submits and go right at it again. It seems that the more they wrestle, the tougher they get. Keep score – there are at least 5 submissions in this one. Some really great wrestling.

Both wrestlers asked to tag team. They are very even and have similar builds. We’ll get them some tag team competition.

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