Max Anderson vs. Dillon Walsh: The Rematch

Total Running Time: 23:40
File Size: SD 286.9MB/ HD 1.4GB

Max Anderson 5’11” 196 23yo
Dillon Walsh 5’11” 211 19yo

THE REMATCH! Dillon (pink speedos) has been working out. He does Brazilian Ju-Jitsu at home in Texas, but he has trouble finding guys to submission wrestle him, (I can’t imagine why! LOL ). Max (blue speedos) is dying for this rematch. He wants to prove he can handle this teenager and prove that no 19 year old and take him. Dillon is not about to let that happen.

Dillon has 20 inch pythons and when he puts Max in a headlock there’s no escape. Max knows that and avoids those arms are all cost. But watch out for Dillon’s legs as well. They are all muscle and huge. A tight head scissors could easily cause a nose bleed. This is one very, very tough 19 year old. We are working on getting him as much submission wrestling practice as possible.

Max does a lot of tossing of his own. He is much tougher and more determined than he was in their first match, so he gets the first two submissions. Dillon is working back from them – and he does. Dillon at times seems to be holding back. If we can get him to let loose – totally – Max won’t have a chance. We will get him to perfect his submission skills.


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