Max Anderson vs. Blake Matson

Total Running Time: 25:27
File Size: SD 310MB/ HD 1.48GB

Max Anderson 5’11” 196 23yo
Blake Matson 6’5” 202 23yo

Blake (purple speedos) challenged Max (blue speedos). Blake is on the pro wrestling circuit in Texas. At 6’5”, over 200 lbs, he promised to be a real challenge for Max. Max gladly accepted the challenge from the big boy. Blake’s legs are all over the mat, making it real hard for Max to use some of his favorite holds. “He’s a lot stronger than he looks” Max told us during one of the breaks.

Blake kept catching Max in a head scissors and Max’s only defense was to get Blake in a head scissors and squeeze really hard. No way could Max reach Blake’s ankles to break out. Blake used a great body scissors more than one time, but Max moved very quickly to escape. If Blake ever got it good across Max’s chest, it would “lights out” for Max. It never happened.

Max used his superior upper body strength to control Blake, but his long legs kept Blake out of real trouble. Max used everything he knew to defeat this big boy. Blake promises to do a lot more submission training, learn many more tough submission moves. The rematch is set. Blake wants to totally defeat the Movimus “pretty boy”.

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