Matt Reid vs. Bart Gilroy

Total Running Time: 22:26
File Size: HD 1.34GB/ 4K 5.24GB

Matt Reid 6’ 215 27yo
Bart Gilroy 5’8” 193 21yo

Matt (red speedos) has been asking for an individual match against the Gilroy Brothers ever since the tag team with partner, Jay Phoenix. Bart (blue speedos) was more than up for the challenge. Twenty pounds is nothing to Bart. He’s tough , real strong and knows his wrestling. So he goes up against Matt with total confidence.

Matt throws a lot of moves on Bart, but Bart is a skilled wrestler. Not only can he escape, sometimes with difficulty, but he usually can execute a fine reversal. Matt finds himself in trouble more than one time. Matt is strong and a brawler, but determination is on Bart’s size. Bart has a vice-like front face lock, wicked arm bar, and a perfected ankle lock and he uses them all on Matt.

This is Bart at his best. He gives Matt a good working over. Bart is asking for bigger, tougher wrestlers. He’s turning into one of the best submission wrestlers we’ve got. Matt is already asking for a rematch and a match against Bart’s brother, Lance.

The Movimus wrestlers that watched this match are already asking for a tag team bout.

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