Tag Team Submission: Matt Reid and Jay Phoenix vs. The Gilroy Brothers

Total Running Time: 55:42
File Size: HD 678.6MB/ HD 3.21GB

Lance Gilroy: 5’8” 192
Bart Gilroy: 5’8” 190
Jay Phoenix 5’11” 202
Matt Reid 5’11” 218

Lance and Bart (pink speedos) welcomed the challenge from the Movimus Scotsman, Jay, and the big tough guy, Matt ( black speedos). Both teams agreed on a non-stop submission match , one fall. No matter how long it took. Jay met both Lance and Bart in the pro ring in Ohio last summer. Jay told them both that the next time he came to the states from Scotland he wanted both of them in a Movimus match. Jay and Matt met in NYC a couple days before their match and worked out some strategy and moves. Both teams were convinced that they could defeat the other.

We explained the rules for this first Movimus tag team match, but it didn’t take too long for both teams to throw the rules “out the window”. This is a real brawl. One solid hour of total submission wrestling without a break or stop. One team winner, one team loser. Awesome moves. Tremendous holds. Four powerful, trained grapplers in a submission match – each convinced that they were on the winning team.

Just about every hold know to the wrestling world is seen here. Lots of double teaming, lots of bad mouthing, but most of all, awesome submission wrestling. This is definitely a classic Movimus match. Here’s a match that you will be talking about for months. Taunting, coaching, hollering, screaming – it’s all here.

The Movimus wrestlers that watched this match are already asking for a tag team.

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