Denny Webb vs. Jeff Powers

Total Running Time: 20:05
File Size: 188.3MB

Denny Webb               6’         168 lbs          21yo
Jeff Powers                 5’7”      133 lbs          19yo

Denny (red speedos) figures he’s going to take apart this little guy. He has no idea how tough Jeff (green speedos) really is. Denny knows he’s a good wrestler – you know how cocky he is. He asked Movimus why we would put a good wrestler like himself up against such a small guy that he knows he can beat easily. We just smiled and told him to wrestle.

The first takedown goes to Denny but it is instantly reversed with a body scissors and almost a full nelson. Next Jeff throws in an ankle lock and has Denny scrambling to get free. We were beginning to think that Denny’s confidence was oozing away. Denny became more cautious and calculating. Jeff brings Denny to the mat and begins a series of awesome moves from behind, lots of leg locks and scissors and even a double arm bar. Denny knows he’s in a real tough match.

Denny gets the headlock takedown and thinks the match is his – NO WAY! Jeff reverse and throws a triangular choke in before Denny even knew what hit him. TAP OUT ! Super wrestling. Loads of different moves and holds. Over a thirty pound weight advantage means nothing to Jeff. He is tough and loves beatin the crap out of the big guys.

Denny wants a rematch – I’m not so sure about this one.

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