Kevin Knight vs. Justin Corino

Total Running Time: 21:42
File Size: 261.2MB

Kevin Knight 6’4” 225 33yo
Justin Corino 6’ 225 21yo

Two IWF Professional Wrestlers (Independent Wrestling Federation) taking each other on in a submission match. This is a brawl. Kevin (black speedos) is the main man at IWF. At 6’4”, over 225 pounds, he’s an impressive opponent. Relative newcomer, Justin, (black/red speedos) is a trained collegiate wrestler with 8 years experience. These two guys do not hold back at all. Neither is afraid to throw a punch that can be heard clear around the gym. This is a ring match, but theses guys are mat wrestlers. Twenty-two minutes of non-stop action until there is a definite winner.

Many very interesting and different moves and holds. Lots of arm bars and locks. Justin likes to use the scissors, but Kevin knows very well how to avoid and escape. These two guys are good. Continuous, aggressive, non-stop action from these big guys shows you what great shape they are in. Justin often finds himself working hard to struggle out of a wicked arm lock. These two smooth, tough wrestlers just won’t quit.

Finally, the move is just too tight, too complete. The struggle is not helping and the frustration sets in. TAP ! Exhaustion – Frustration – Depression: But definitely a winner !

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