Max Anderson vs. Jay Phoenix

Total Running Time : 23:35
File Size: 285.6MB

Max Anderson 5’11” 186 23yo
Jay Phoenix 5’11” 191 19yo

Jay (blue speedos) from Scotland, a trained professional wrestler, couldn’t wait for his shot at Max (yellow speedos). He saw a couple of Max’ matches and knew of Max’ reputation and he was sure he could take him. Jay had a complete strategy planned before the match began. Max was his usual calm self. We tried to convince Max before the match that he was in for one tough fight.

These two wrestlers started with a great deal of respect for each other – both very cautious. Both tested the other, trying different moves and tests of strength. They both undoubtedly have the power to make the other submit, but they are both very skilled. Both tried a full nelson on the other and each was able to power out of the lock. They both have very strong legs, and they both know all the counters and disabling moves. This is really a match of skill.

Jay gets a real tight head scissors on Max with both his legs over Max’ shoulders. Jay pulls back Max’ arm at the same time. Max struggles to break the hold and does. It’s just shear power that gets Max out of it. Max clamps on a tight body scissors, but no way is Jay going to submit in that. Max tries locking one arm in his legs, then pulls the other arm all the way over his head. Jay struggles and eventually squirms out. It’s beginning to look like this one is going to end in a draw.

Then there is just one finishing hold, quick, powerful and right on target. The tap-out comes quick and very unexpectedly. But now , after 22 minutes of a real brawl and struggle, there is a definite winner and a very frustrated loser. You can sure bet there is going to be a re-match, and it’s going to be a real barn-burner.

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