Max Anderson vs. Glenn Fox

Total Running Time: 36:40
File Size: SD 450.2MB/ HD 2.11GB

Glenn Fox 6’2” 182 19yo
Max Anderson 5’11” 179 23yo

Glenn (blue speedos) was way more than ready to take on Max (pink speedos). Glenn is a college swimmer and volleyball player. He’s in tremendous shape. His stamina doesn’t quit. His strategy was to tire Max out then beat him using his legs. Not going to happen. Max too has stamina that won’t quit. But Glenn is a tough athlete; at 6’2”, he’s a force to reckon with!

Max brings Glenn to the mat but Glenn throw a headlock on Max and brings him to his back. Glenn keeps using the head lock over and over again. Each time Max escapes and tries a hold of his own, Glenn catches him in another head lock. Glenn manages to get his legs in a couple times, once a good head scissors with both hands pulling on the back of his head, but Max is able to power out of each hold. But Max is getting frustrated. He can’t mount an offense. Glenn is proving to be much more than Max bargained for.

Even when Max gets on top , tries the arm bar, or body scissors, Glenn uses his height advantage and his strong legs to get free. The action goes back and forth for almost 30 minutes – no stopping for a break – just continuous wrestling. It’s a super match. Both wrestler look real good and just get more pumped (looking better) as the match goes on. A clear winner, but a score to still be settled.

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