Bobby Baker vs. Jay Phoenix

Total Running Time: 20:15
File Size: 244.8MB

Bobby Baker            6’       182 lbs        22yo
Jay Phoenix            5’11”   191 lbs        19yo

Professional wrestler Jay Phoenix (black speedos) comes to Movimus Wrestling from Scotland. He is trained in professional wrestling, shootfighting, and multiple martial arts forms. Well built, tough, and a real powerhouse, this teen is out to show the “Americans” how it’s done in Europe. Bobby (black/yellow speedos) has been training in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Judo for a year now. He’s gotten bigger, tougher and totally cocky. This is a match one dreams about. Both guys are fighters and wrestlers and both will stop at nothing to win. At Movimus we gave them the Mat Space , then got out of the way.

Surprisingly, it starts out kinda slow – each guy testing the other – checking out strength – just some turns and moves. But it doesn’t take long for the pressure to be turned up. Multiple arm bars, neck cranks, leg locks and other judo moves. Head locks combined with arm bars and cross face locks become the norm. These two guys know it all, and they both know counters. It’s really tough for both wrestlers to get and hold a move or lock on the other.

Finally, Bobby gets on top of Jay and brings Jay’s arm up behind his back. Jay is on his knees and ultimately is added his own pressure to the hold. It’s only a matter of time before Jay taps.

The second fall goes to Jay. Bobby gets caught in a tight cross body lock and arm bar and all we can hear is “oh F _ _ _ “. Bobby taps. The last match is awesome. It’s give and take the whole way. No mistakes, no long held holds (these guys are too good for that) – it’s just all out wrestling and fighting until one definite winner of 2 out of 3 falls at the very end.

Super! Super! Super match! This is one you’ll watch over and over again.

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